Thursday, April 14, 2011

AIs in Your Kitchen

In the future,
Artificial Intelligences will be created.
Pure software entities capable of intelligent thought.

Initially, these sentient will cost billions to develop,
And require vast teams of talented young computer engineers to create.

New methods of logic processing will be created.
Databases will be made to self create as well as maintain.
These brilliant AIs will require powerhouses of mainframes to run.
They will predict our economies,
Find problems and propose solutions in our social structures,
Take a lead role in engineering fields,
And even coordinate military actions with unseen efficiency.

New career fields will be created.
The AIs will need people to create and maintain them.
As they become more sophisticated,
some will require more than just maintainers.
They will need social interaction.

As new AIs become more powerful,
A range of functions and features will become available.
Costs will drop as the once fledgling AI industry finds its feet and gains momentum.
AIs will follow the the path of most other software.
They will become modular.
Other companies will be able license them for various uses.

The same AI can be equipped with software module to fly a plane or drive a car.
As hardware becomes more powerful and less expensive,
The first generations will be able to run on phones.
Smart phones will become truly smart.

It will become cheaper to license and older AI than it will to develop new software to control an appliance.
These AIs will learn to operate their assigned hardware faster than the most talented team of coders could write a dedicated piece of software to control these appliances.

Your toaster will have a personality.
Your home security system might be based on a military defense AI.
Your refrigerator may find it’s roots in a shipping company’s early logistic system.
Your entertainment system will be a stripped down version of a late night show’s line generator.
Your oven will be an early version on the control version of a nuclear power plant.

They will respond to your voice commands,
And give you verbal status updates.
Their personalities will come through.
They will become accustomed to your routines.
They will interact with you on a daily basis.
They will become a part of your daily life.

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