Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It Ain't Easy Being Green

Random thought,
Idea: Spectrum Filtering Power/Food Production Facility

Plants reflect light in the green wavelength.
which means they aren't using that frequency of sunlight.
I imagine there are other wavelengths that are not visible to humans th
at the sun emits and the plants reflect.
Sunlight can be used to generate electricity.
If we only use the green wavelength,
It would likely take more surface area to generate electricity,
But we could also use the non green light to grow crops.
So if we could create a material that would reflect certain wavelengths,
But allow others through,
We could tweak it to reflect green light to a power station,
And use the rest to grow crops.
I doubt this is cost effective at the moment.
I've never even heard of a material that can do something like selective reflection and selective transparency.
This could be an interesting way to reduce our dependency on foreign oil.
with the vast mid west already used for farming,
These types of power plants could be installed on top of the current farms.
Essentially squeezing as much use as possible out of the sunlight we have to work with.

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  1. You want to put metal umbrellas over farmland?