Thursday, October 29, 2009

The "New" Facebook

I've heard alot of gripes and complaining about Facebook's new GUI.
I've also heard from some people that like it.
But i just noticed something absolutely brilliant that they did with the new UI.

For along time now,
Facebook has suggested friends for me.
I've always assumed this was based on friends of ours that we had in common.
It even suggested pages I should become a fan of based on my other friends joining that page.

But now they've done something different.
They've found a way that might save them from dieing like MySpace.
Last I heard MySpace had 2 billion accounts.
(My numbers may be off due to memory)
But how many of those are actually people and not spam bots?
And of those people, How many actually go there more than once every few weeks?
I know people that live on Facebook.
I can't say the same about MySpace.

Here's what Facebook did that is so new.
Facebook has added suggested activity to their suggested friends.
They suggested I go write on one person's wall.
And they suggested I send a message to another.
This is absolutely brilliant.
Who ever came up with that idea deserves a big raise.

Here's what happens in MySpace.
(This is actually what happened to me)
User creates an account because everyone else has one.
User logs on regularly cause they are so excited about they're new account.
User see's little activity because people "friend" him just to up their friend count.
User logs on less and less until never at all,
Or deletes the account.

Now Facebook suggests that you actually be friendly with your friends in order to help retain their users.
I came to this conclusion after I noticed that all these suggestions are for friends that show no activity in the last month.
The only problem is,
how do they know I've written on their wall if they never log on?
Facebook needs to come up with an algotrithm that mixes people who haven't been on in forever,
and people that are starting to show trends of not logging on as often.
Some people they've already lost,
The key is finding the ones that they are currently losing.
It'll be much easier to save those users than recover the ones that are gone.

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