Thursday, October 29, 2009

Google’s New Mobile App Cuts GPS Nav Companies At The Knees

Story @ TechCruch

There has long been a "____ Effect" (insert website name here. ex: DIGG).
Where a big name site posts a link to less popular site.
I've noticed this when Lifehacker posts a link to some small biz art site.
The extra traffic is usually too much for the smaller sites traffic to handle.

It appears we have a similar but opposite "Google Effect".
Instead of driving popularity to a smaller site,
Google enters a market and causes big names in that market to suffer.

I find it interesting that Apple,
With their iPhone,
Having a near identical function,
That even uses Google Maps,
Did not create anywhere near the same effect that Google did.

Even though Apple through the most creative work they'd had in a while into the iPhone,
And Google's new GPS App seems to be more of an after thought,
Google still managed to cripple Garmin's stock with merely a phone app.

We truly have a "Google Effect"

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