Thursday, December 13, 2007

12 Days of Christmas

This was sent to me by my friend Chris.
Just in time.
Today is the 13th.
12 days until Christmas.

Twelve Days of Christmas

Thursday, November 22, 2007


It's snowing.
In Texas.
On Thanksgiving.
I don't think that's happened in this area in tthe last decade.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I fixed my laptop.
I started getting slower this semester,
Even after a clean system reinstall and defrag.
Two weeks ago it started locking up within five minutes of booting up.
Every time.
I finally got a chance to open it up.
What a mess!!!
That was disgusting.
Dust bunnies every where.
The fan was so full of dust it was stuck.
My Ohm meter didn't even register that it had a connection.
The heat sink was packed full of dust.
A quick vacuum cleaning and reassembly,
And now it works good as new.
Actually better,
I have some enhancements that USAFA didn't preinstall.
I'd post pics for every one else,
but y'all can just take yours the the help desk in Faichild.
Now I can actually get some work done.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

For Those Who Are Interested...

And in the area...
I'm trying to get a group to go to this.



I took the Air Force Officers Qualification Test a few weeks ago.
It's like an SAT for the AF.
I just got my scores.
I'm ranked in the 91st percentile over all.
And 98th in Academics and Verbal.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Relative Fingers

While I was doing a bit of research for some stuff I'm working on
I found this on page 4 of a book in Harvard's library entitled "Relativity: the Special and General Theory"
I thought it was funny

Monday, August 27, 2007

First (Real) Day at a Real College

Everyone is wearing jeans and T-Shirts.
What's up with that.
I feel incredibly out of place.

Guess what!
I got to ride in the elevator in an Academic building!
Woo Hoo!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Little Peice of History

I found this on a really old hard drive.

The scout troop was out camping,
And we needed wood for the big campfire.
We don't take wood from trees that are still standing.
But this one was obviously dead.
With most of it's branches fallen off.
Those few that remained wouldn't stay up there much longer.
So we proceeded to throw ropes over it and tear the branches off.
This was about the time I stayed making our fires particularly big.
That may be possibly why the guys took to calling me "Sparky" for some time.
Never stuck though.
(Actually, I've never had a nickname stick longer than a few weeks)

Because of these particularly big fires,
And the fact that we had some new lighting techniques we wanted to try,
(Blackpowder, we'll not talk about the amount)
I wanted more wood.
So while every one else went on to play capture the flag or something like that,
I got the troop axe out of the trailer and started working on the rest of the tree.
After about 2 hours,
I had broken the handle.
So the scout master got out his Axe.
A nice double sided one.
I proceeded to work on the tree.
I got about halve way through before I broke that handle.
By now,
The adults that had been watching me.
Were getting a bit ticked.
(At the tree, not me)

One of them got his F-350 All Wheel Drive Pick diesel pick up truck,
And tied his tow rope to the top of the tree.
This rope was at least 4 inches in diameter.
The rope snapped.

So he got a chain.
And looped the from the tree to his truck.
And tore the tree down.
(It took a while though)

Long story short,
We figured we had put enough effort into tearing that tree down to Brand it with our "T98" brand.
This is a little clip of me doing just that.
(I hear this story continues to be retold at the troop still)


Oh Wait, That was Funny...

My brother and I help in Sunday school for the first service,
So we stay for the second service after the rest of our family goes home.
As we were driving back today,
My brother notices,
"Hey, that old fortune telling place burned down."
With out thinking,
I responded,
"I'll bet they didn't see that coming."

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I had a nightmare last night.


I was back at USAFA.

They put me through basic again for some reason.
I don't know why.
The other Basics couldn't figure out how I know exactly when every thing was going to happen.
They didn't know I'd been through it before.

the main question here is...
If USAFA was the nightmare,
Why am I trying so hard to get back?
Beats me.

Shuttle Endeavour

NASA says the nicely sized hunk of missing tile in Endeavour's wing poses no significant threat.
They say they have a week of research and testing to back this up.

My memory may be faulty here...
But I think they said the same thing about Columbia.

My memory may be faulty here too...
But I recall spending three days in the field helping pick up the parts from the tragedy that there was little risk of.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Colorado Weather

I decided that all my freinds back in Colorado could use something similar,
So I made one for y'all.
Also still needs some work.


I was bored one night so I made this overlay for Google Earth that shows all the major weather radar in Texas.
It works in Google Maps too
It still needs a little work though.
Texas Radar

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Thursday, August 2, 2007

All in a day's work...

My brother and I went down to UTA today to register for classes.
Most uneventful.
Until we tried to go home.
The gas gauge was reading 0.

We managed to get the car started after rocking it back and forth.
But then we needed to get more gas.
I knew of a station down the road that had diesel,
So we went there,
Trying to keep the rpms as low as possible.

We finally pulled up next to the pump just as the engine quit on us.
I was excited.
We had just barely made it.
Then I got out to put the fuel in.

You guessed it.
Wrong side.

Monday, July 30, 2007


For those of you who care about the whole mud thing,
Here is a little bit about what I've been doing.

One of my projects requires a source of Iron.
I know steel is high in Iron,
But I can't find enough info on the impurities.
So I can't use it.
That means,
almost every source I can think of is nor eligible.

I thought I could skip the whole mud thing by ordering Iron pellets from a science store on the web.
Minor detail,
These pellets will not conduct electricity.
They seem to be used to dissolve in water for making batteries.
Not sure about the though.

It's back to the mud.
I got a bag of Ironite from Lowe's.
It's soil with higher levels of iron for plants.
So I mixed it with water,
And used a magnet to pull the Iron out.
Using the info on the back,
I calculated I could extract 51.3 cubic centimeters from that bag.
I haven't measured it precisely yet.
But it looks really close

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


You know what I just realized…
UTA doesn’t have and AFROTC.
They have an Army ROTC.
UTA shares TCU’s AFROTC.
TCU also happens to be the only college from Texas that the Academy plays.
And this year,
That game is played on 13-SEP,
Can you say,
“Road trip”?

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Bringing My Work Home...

At least the humorous side of it...
I thought this was rather amusing.
Think about it.

Windows Vista

No offense to anyone who actually uses Vista,
But I've had nothing but horrible night marish experiences with it.
So I made this image.
I pulled the original off "Windos Vista For Dummies" at and twisted it a bit.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Physics Homework Helper

For those of you in my Physics calss,
I made this little guide to help with Friday's homework.
Homework Helper
For those of you not in my class,
You can see what I spent all day doing.

Monday, June 11, 2007

It's Here

I ordered a copy of PCLinuxOS.
It finally got here.
I'm working on getting all the drivers for my laptop and installing it to another SD card.

Saturday, June 9, 2007


I finally got my computer to boot from nothing but a 256 Mb SD card.
(Ya know, those little postage stamp sized cards y'all use in your cameras?)
No Hard Drive.
My next task is couple several cards together to make a much larger RAID Drive out of SD cards.
Preferably 16 Gb
This is a major step towards one of my current projects.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Hello Again

It has been nearly three months since my last meaningful post.

For those of you who do not know,
I'm no longer at the Air Force Academy.
I'm not going into details here,
If you care to know,
EMail me directly.

Since then,
I've been doing my best to keep busy.
I've started multiple projects,
to be finished as parts come in.
I have finished one,
Here is a link to the photo album I made for it.
Here's a some video NBC took of the event.
They didn't really get o good shot of them though.

I'm going to be taking classes at the University of Texas in Arlington.
I'm signed up for calculus and physics.
Should be interesting.

I'll post more when something interesting happens.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Singles Awareness Day

Today is Valentine's Day.
I knew it was coming,
But I guess it snuck up on me.
Since I haven't come up with anything new worth posting,
And I did get alot of positive feedback on last years post,
Here it is again.

My roommate watch a movie called notebook over the weekend.
I only caught part of it sense I was doing schoolwork.
The basic plot it as follows.
An elderly couple is in a nursing home.
The wife has Alzheimer’s and doesn’t remember the husband.
He could go and live a normal live and she would never know the difference.
Instead he lives there with her.
Every day he reads her their story,
About how the met and fell in love.
In the evening she remembers and comes back to him.

That’s not really the point though.
My roommate commented on the change of appearance between the early years and when they were in the nursing home.
He mentioned how attractive she was when she was in her twenties,
But as in her seventies in a nursing home she wasn’t appealing.
I replied that it’ll happen to all of us.
He said something along the lines of yeah too bad.

The following is purely my own opinion.
Our society focuses too much on the external.
That which is unimportant and fades away.
We will all grow old and die,
And it will not be pretty.
It is character we must focus on.
The inside that makes us what we are.
This is why we should be attracted to another person.
Not because of their physical characteristics.

I read in a book a while back (I don’t remember the book) something similar.
When looking at someone of the opposite gender,
Don’t think of the outside, think of the inside.
Would you be willing to live with that person 50 years later?
Would you be willing to grow old and die with that person?
When all physical attractiveness is gone?
Would you be willing to feed that person when they become unable to do it for themselves?
Would you be willing to listen to the same story over and over again when the have no short term memory?

We should not be as concerned with how the person looks as much as we are how the person acts.
This is the true person.
Their character,
Not their body,
Is what counts.

Monday, February 12, 2007


Doc: So how are you?
Me: Still breathing.
Doc: Don't over commit now.
Me: My dad always said, "Under commit, and over deliver"
I've got a heartbeat too. So there's the over delivery.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Superbowl 2007

That was fun.

I got to make the food during the 1st and 2nd quarters,
Slept through the 3rd quarter,
and played a new game during the 4th quarter.

I really get into football,
Can't you tell?

It wasn't worth watching,
The Falcons weren't playing.

Thursday, February 1, 2007


I've been learning some interesting things in my Engineering class.
The main purpose of the class is learning how to plan an airbase.
We're in the environmental block right now,
So it can get boring sometimes.

To help with that,
The instructor has a Video Card Policy.
One table gets the video card,
and at any time during the class they can hold up the card,
And the instructor will stop in mid sentence and play a video.
Only one video per class though.
He had six videos that went with the class material.
So we didn't get a Video Card.
So I made my own card.
We held it up half way through class,
And he just looked at us.
"A Nap Card?!?!"
Needless to say,
That was most entertaining.

We learned the aircraft and trees don't mix well.
Apparently there are regulations that require a certain distance to height ratio in relationship to the runway.
Most of the time,
This isn't a problem.
But at McChord AFB,
There are a million plus trees that are too high.
And on top of that...
There are hippies that won't let us cut them down.
I have a solution for that.
It'll get rid of the trees and the hippies.

Note To Self

Don't use minty toothpaste when it's eight below zero outside.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Anti-Terrorism Activities

Another terrorism plot foiled.
$1 Million dollars worth of old Soviet Uranium was prevented from reaching it's Middle-Eastern buyers.

I know you all think that it takes alot of skill, money, and special equipment to build a nuclear bomb,
But it's really not that hard.

I know alot of people that have to equipment in their garage.
I could fund it on my cadet paycheck,
And most 16 year olds I know could build it.

It wouldn't be as nice or fancy as the ones we have sitting in the silos,
But nontheless...
Enough to cause catastrophic damage.

I'm wondering why this isn't a bigger deal in the media right now.
That's right...
Because every thing has to be a failure while Bush is still in office.

Monday, January 22, 2007

More New Toys

The AF uses one sixth of all government energy.
It seems rather redundent to buy oil from countries that don't like us,
So we've decided it's time to stop funding our potential enemies.
Hydrogen Power

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Going To Get More Milk

Today is Tuesday.
That means it's our day to milk the cow.
I went with Mom to do the milking.
Bessie was already to go.
We got about two gallons before we turned her and her calf loose.
Florence is her adopted calf.
For some reason,
I'm the only on florence will allow to come near her.
This is particularly odd since I've only seen her once before.
I have a thing with animals.

Parallel Parking

My dad is teaching me to parallel park.
His technique is slightly outdated though,
So I showed him these.

Monday, January 1, 2007

Anti-Gravity Device

Mankind has finally created an Anti-Gravity Device.
It took our best minds many long years to develop this ground breaking technology,
But we have finally found the answer.
Ironically enough...
The answer has been right in front of our faces all along.

Murphy’s Law has been well known for some time now.
“Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.”
One of the experiments that brought about this,
Was the toast experiment.

Toast when dropped from a table will always fall jelly side down.
This is because at the rate gravity pulls it down,
It only has time for one half of a turn.
It is also a well known fact that cats will land on their feet.
The application here is simple.

All one must do is secure a piece of toast,
Jelly side up,
To the back of a cat.
When thrown,
The cat part of the device will attempt to land on it’s feet,
While the toast will attempt to land jelly side down.
Since the toast is firmly secured on the back of the cat,
Both cannot occur.
Neither will touch the ground