Wednesday, September 27, 2006

F-35 Simulator

This is the same one I flew in an earlier post.


  1. the airforce news anchor is a stiff board.

  2. your right,
    Because F-22 with one engine out is not much better than an F-35 with an engine out.
    The only difference is that the F-22 mgiht make it back to base,
    Carring all that extra dead weight.
    I hope it can,
    Considering the 22 costs more than 3 times what the 35 does.
    But neither of them could fight.

  3. The Raptor and the JSF are both great birds. I think your survivability is better with the F-22, and getting you all back to fly another mission is VERY important to us here. You ought to post some F-22 links for your viewers to realize that both are incredible birds of prey. Check out my favorite links on our family website for the F-22 stuff (you know who I am, we have a link to this blog there, also!)

  4. Your are right,
    I just prefer the F-35 ove rthe F-22.
    Call it personal bias...

    And I have been planning to post some F-22 stuff.
    (Seeing as how my best freind loves that plane)
    I'm just looking for the best media.
    I've found some,
    but not what I'm looking for.