Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Element Board

The Four Degrees are supposed to make an element board.
This is just a poster of with the pictures of the seven of us on it.
I didn’t know they were doing this.
So when I got an Email from one of them asking for a picture of me,
I sent them the first good one I found.
And then a week later,
I saw it printed out blown up on a wall.

My sergeant got a kick out of that…


  1. Yes her feet are off the floor. And yes we all know why shes smiling so big.

  2. Wow... if I didn't know you I could make all kinds of comments and assumptions right now... but I do so I'll just smile and nod LoL

    Nah, nice picture and what are you about to do? Spin her?

  3. No.
    That's my final move for the end of a song.
    It's a dip.

  4. yeah...he did it to me once, too...and it freaked me out cuz I wasn't expecting it...I think I wound up on the floor after

  5. it wasn't you're fault...I was laughing so hard you laid me down so I could regain my composure...that's ending up on the floor!