Monday, August 21, 2006

New Uniforms

The Air Force is getting new uniforms.
A board is currently looking over the options availible.
A few pictures have been released,
And Airmen across the world have not hesitated to express their opinions about them.
Here are a few...


  1. "No I'm not the back up dancer. I'm in the Air Force."

    It would be so much harder to pick up girls is THAT.

  2. *LOL @ Joy* Love the Hawaiian theme uniform.

  3. You mean to say that her name isn't Joyzey? It's Joy? Why would they lie to us like that? No, I don't believe you!!!!

  4. Well Jason, with being part German, how do you feel about them?

    Cute Anon. I'll deal with you later.

  5. Cripes, Joy* just went on the war path.

    And I love the Darth Vader picture.
    Not that that should suprise anyone.

  6. Joyzey... ROTFL... two words: split personality.

  7. The Weird Roomie (from the summer)August 25, 2006 at 1:31 AM

    Heil Hitler!

    No seriously! Do as I say or I will use the force on your throat commander!