Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Euro Fighter

Never underestimate your enemy,
And never overestimate an ally

This is the new Euro Fighter,
Also called the Typhoon.
It’s got almost the same capabilities as our F-22 Raptor,
But at one third the cost.
The reason…
It’s only got most of the capabilities.
Our Raptor has stealth.
I’d say that’s worth the extra couple of million dollars.

Typhoon isn’t as sleek as our planes though.
My Lightning II is much better looking


  1. Heh. You assume that Europe will ever fight anyone, and then need the stealth. Aside from Britian, they're a buch of wimps.

    And the reason the Raptor is so expensive is the highspeed/no afterburner combo, right?

    Also, wouldn't a squadron be flying the mission that one plane was tasked to in the video?
    And does Europe use AWAKS?

  2. Yes,
    MY Lightning II

    No, It's the stealth that make it expensive.
    Remember the B-2 costs 2 Billion a peice cause of it's stealth.
    It can only carry 4 more JDAMs than the B-52,
    And the B-52 costs 30 mill
    The Typhoon has Super Cruise too.

    NATO uses AWACS.
    We sold them a few.

    You must remember that other countries have fighterpilots too.
    Haven't you heard of the Red Barron?

  3. Yeah, he flew back in the first world war, when France had a spine, and germany was world power.

    That was 90 years ago.

  4. So you HAVE a Lightning 2, or that's what you will be flying? Or is your head just getting too big again?

  5. I say my point still stands. With the exception of the United Kingdom, Europe has no warriors, people willing to defend others with sacrifice of their own.

  6. Ok, but its accurate. With the exception of Britian, what contributions have the European countries made in the Third World War? France was a nation of soldiers, but they have changed, and never been the same since World War I. Germany finnalt stopped attacking people after the 2nd world war. And none of the other nations have much in the way of a military, now that the Soviet Union is gone.
    Britian? They fight. And they are the exception in Europe.