Saturday, May 20, 2006

Squadron Rotations

Between our 4 and 3 degree year,
We all switch to different squadrons.
We finally found out where we're all going.

I'm transferring to CS 10 with one other guy currently in CS 13.
We're going to Tiger Ten.

In a few weeks,
I will no longer be a Bulldawg,
But a Tiger.


  1. Movin' on up the food chain!! LOL

  2. Being a tiger sounds more appealing than being a bulldog.

  3. I agree. I'd much prefer a tiger, myself.

  4. Ah, I dunno. Bulldogs have more.... well more scare me

  5. Dude...

    A DAWG I've been and that's no BULL,

    First year in and we did WIN!

    Squadron mascot with teeth to bite!

    There to start - to get to new heights!

    Go get'em Tiger - Rarrh!

    Mom and Dad

  6. Dear Jason's Mom and Dad, That's Great!!! I love it!

  7. *chuckle* Sorry, but before I scrolled down the page, I thought it was... *laughs* I thought it was a unicorn. Did a double-take and saw it was a tiger. I think I need new glasses...