Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Parent's Spirit Mission

Taking the Hill falls under a broader category called Spirit Missions.
The official purpose of a Spirit Mission is to boost moral.
Most of the time it does boost moral,
For those participating.
In the civilian world,
It's usually called Vandalism.
(Don’t worry, we clean it up)
Like that time we painted the planes.

The Parents club for the class of 2009 decided to do their own spirit mission.
They were able to keep what they were doing a secret from us.
Yesterday at a briefing,
Some of the parents came out.
They had ordered custom M&Ms.
They had our class year and chant, and were our class color.
These Silver M&Ms said “09 Our Time” on them.
Parents Rock!!!


  1. Now that's cool... did you eat them?

  2. yeah, don't eat them all!! I know it's chocolate, but still!

  3. LoL Mementos! Get clear nail polish and paint it over them, they will last forever LOL!

  4. Or...
    I could just leave them in the tin they came in and never open it.

  5. That's cool! But I wouldn't reccomend leaving them in the tin. They will get really gross or something (someone) will eat them.

  6. And keep them away from sonlight. And Sunlight. It won't last long in either one.