Thursday, May 4, 2006

Noon Meal Formation

It was really foggy today.
You couldn’t even see 10 feet.
But they still had Noon Meal Formation.
So we all took the hill.

Taking the hill is a long standing tradition in the Cadet Wing.
It involves breaking ranks in the middle of a formation,
And running to the top of spirit hill,
Located on the South-East corner of the Terrazzo,
By the F-4.

It was kind of like a chain reaction.
We heard yelling,
And the yelling spread.
The squadron next to us took off running.
So we followed.

The entire Cadet Wing took the hill.
All 4,000 of us.
The only ones left marching was the Wing Commander and his staff.
That was great.


  1. 0_o and you get away with this?

  2. WoW. That's a lot of cheering!! lol.
    sounds like you had a lot of fun.

  3. What are they gonna do?
    Restrict all 4,000 of us?

  4. but they wouldn't.
    Not for something as simple as that.
    And besides,
    I'm not going anywhere this weekend anyway.

  5. Oh my gosh! Have you seen the little handicapped sign next to the box you type in the code!!! LOL

  6. If you click on it, it tells you numbers. I guess so blind people can get passed the word verification, because they can't see the weird letters and the softwere that they would be using would not be able to read it either.

  7. I dunno, but it's freaky. Cause it says like four letters out loud and then you type them in, but blind people typing need someone to read it to them so why not have it dictated?

  8. That would be a very long and lengthy court matial process.

  9. Gotta love taking Spirit Hill. :-) Everyone gets there and then it's like.. What now?