Friday, May 12, 2006

Last Day of Classes

Today was the last day of classes.
As you can imagine,
Everyone is ready to go.

Everyone was making lots of noise in Mitchell Hall during lunch.
Banging on plates, air horns, you name it.
Eventually the first row of tables stood on their chairs and started chanting something.
Than the announce came over the PA system.
“This is just a reminder not to stand on Mitchell Hall Chairs”
So they all jump off their chairs and pick them up.
Holding their chairs over their heads,
They continue to chant.
Who says you can’t beat the system.

Here are some pics form Yesterdays Noon Meal Formation.


  1. Oh, my, goodness....
    Those are great pictures nad I can't believe that you guys are doing all this stuff. Can't you be expelled or something?

  2. I DID not need to see the sumos.

  3. Why Palm Boy? got some bad idea's now?

  4. *laughs* Thanks for the visual aids... I think.

  5. Sumo, I'm scarred for life now...

  6. In that photo with the teenage mutant ninja turtle, does that guy in the back gorund have his fly open or what?