Sunday, April 2, 2006

"Suspicious Package"

You may remember the "Suspicious Package" we got back in October

I had a suspicious package on my desk when I got back.
I probably should have reported it,
But I just had to open it.

Here are the pictures.
Here's what was inside.


  1. *laughs* Do you know who it's from?

  2. That's wild. Any clue who sent it? If you figure out who sent it, you shouldn't say anything, but send them back a copy of the Christian Manifesto by Schaeffer. :-)

  3. Whats with the batteries and plastic knife?

  4. UMM
    wow that is soo wierd ohh ya if there is a return adress which people that are stupid enough to do this actually put it on. you should send his a bible.
    is the name a normal amerian name:smith, johnson...

    or is it a really wierd name?

  5. Er, maybe I'm extremely ignorant, but what is that red book? I can't make it out. o_o