Monday, April 24, 2006

Only at USAFA...

...does the uniform for formation include jackets when we're in the upper 70's, sunny and no wind,
And the uniform for the day is BDUs sleeves rolled up when it's below freezing, cloudy, and winds are about 30 mph.

I'm wearing my sleeves up because they said so
(Just like any good little cadet would),
But I'm also protesting in my own little way.
I'm wearing my black leather gloves too.


  1. Ouch... that's got to stink. I mean who on earth would make you... never mind.

    I'm sorry your suffering, and let me know if your protest gets you in trouble LoL

  2. It's not the suffering I'm protesting.

    It's the ridiculousness of the situation.

  3. Only you, Jason. Only you.

    It is pretty idiotic though.
    No offence to any of your friend, or anything. But jackets in late spring? =/

  4. I don't make the rules.
    I just play by them.

  5. Isn't it still cold up there?

    Unless you wear your jacket, I suppose.

    What about the new Air Force training requirements?