Wednesday, March 22, 2006


For those of you who frequent my blog,
You may recall I posted on a classmate who had no class.
He sent a class wide E-Mail to try to get a date to the Air Force Ball.

Apparently there have been other cadets who didn’t have a clue.
We learned in CompSci today about being careful what you write in an E-Mail.
Because it may come back to bite you.
There was a cadet who called himself “The Alaskan Assassin”.
The name by it self shows he has no self respect.
(What possessed him to take such a name is beyond me)
You can read about him here.
Do be warned.
This site is run by Grads,
Not all of whom have the greatest of vocabulary.

I only hope when (read “if”) I ever fall head over heals for a girl,
That I have a little more class than that.


  1. That's funny... I mean at USAFA I would think that they would be a little... well... smarter

  2. *laughing silently to self*

    I am in the computer lab at school right now, otherwise I would burst out laughing.

    Jason, falling head over heels sounds painful.

  3. Hey, you never know it could be funny to see... the guy who wants to fly plains not being able to stay on his own two feet LoL

  4. Man, whats up with telling the lady that you've been fighting over her? Good way to make her feel like livestock.

  5. That would be funny to see. But your head is always over your heels, anyway. Who made that up? LOL

    Robert, that is true.

  6. Jason, it's time to post! Tell everyone what you did to Jonathan in the airport.

  7. Okay, first I want to say..yes you don't know me..I found your blog randomly. Second.. are you in the airforce academy? If so, that's cool. I have a friend there too.

  8. Yup. And his girlfriend was murduered. Glad to have you.

    Hehe, I say that like I own this place.

    Jason, your slacking off again!
    Although I could go 5 miles from my house and see you...

  9. No fair! But now I have a good idea where you live, Robert... hehe. Just kidding. BTW it's murdered, not murduered.

  10. I stand corrected.

    And you have no idea where I live.
    I bet you could find out though.