Saturday, February 25, 2006

Four More Weeks...

Until I get on the plane to come home.
Spring break is almost here.
The only thing that stands between it and me
Is four more weeks of school, and recognition.

If you want to know what that is...
Google "United States Air Force Academy Recognition"
Read some of articles there.
Expect them to be understated.

I don't like talking about it while it's still coming.
After it happens I'll be more than happy to explain it all.


  1. I've been reduced to an "it" now.
    oh, yeah...
    That's right...
    I'm still a fourth classmen.
    I haven't acheived human status yet.

  2. SMACK! Recognition is ... rewarding. Well, completing it is. Going through it sucked. The only thing that beat it during my Camp USAFA experience was graduation.