Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Stickers and Pictures

All right guys,
Here's the deal,
My bulletin board and laptop are looking very boring.
The laptop looks too plain.
There are no stickers on it.
Everyone else has all sorts of pictures of friends on their bulletin boards.
I have some stuff up there. but not much.
(And I know that's not because I don't have any friends)
If you find a cool sticker or picture of yourself (or other people) send it on over.
(My family can give you my address)
And I'll put it up so I can show everyone and say,
"guess who this is."
"Do you know what sticker that is from?"
Then I can prove that I had a life before they took it away before Basic.


  1. They had a life before Basic?
    Wow... So do you want some Kerry4PREZ!!!! Bumper stickers?

  2. LoL I think I have some pics of debate with you Jason... If not my mom can probably get some of the yearbook pictures of you

  3. not if you value your life, Palm Boy...
    And no Army Marine or Navy stickers either,
    Those won't be going on my latop.
    because I value my life.
    No, not of me,
    of other people.
    If I happen to be in there, that's ok I guess,
    but I'd prefer other people be in the pictures

  4. Ok, I think I can manage that LoL and how about you just email me your address, you know from Xanga or just find it off of my blogger somehow, you can do that can't you?

  5. Hmm. Do you have a printer up there?