Saturday, December 3, 2005


We got at least a foot of snow last night.
I went to bed and there was nothing on the ground.
I woke up and there was six inches.
And it kept snowing all day.
That is me.


  1. The Koller's from TexasDecember 7, 2005 at 12:19 PM

    Oh by the way it is snowing down here in Texas.

    You made Mom's day

    At first we did not know what that was - we thought it was just a star

    Very nice ;-)

    Mom wants a picture of this to make a poster

    We love you Jason

    Mom, Dad and the gang

  2. That's why I did it.
    While I was making it.
    Someone came and asked me what I was doing.
    I think he thought I was crazy.
    After he saw what it was,
    He asked if he could use it.

  3. Hehehehe.

    Loneleness: The ineffective act of communicating when no one else is around"


    It snowed here to! A whole .5in!!!

  4. Exactly what it says. No more, no less.