Thursday, November 3, 2005


The new leadership rocks!
In case you haven’t heard,
The Air Force just recently got a ton of new people in high leadership positions.
We got a new Chief of Staff, Secretary of the Air Force, and Superintendent.
We have new Commandant on the way too.
The new Secretary of the Air Force was sworn in today during lunch.
Here at the Academy!
In honor of the event,
Our new Superintendent put all the fourth class cadets At Rest for the meal.
We were all psyched!
We usually eat At Ease.
At Ease means we can move around,
At Rest means we can talk too!
The only problem,
None of us new what to talk about.
We were so used to not talking,
We had trouble trying to talk.

But it gets even better.
This afternoon, we had a briefing from our new Chief of Staff.
He’s awesome!!!
On top of this being the best briefing we’ve ever had,
He put us all at rest until the end of the football game this weekend.

Let me explain the significance of this…
On the Terrazzo,
We’re at attention.
Ok, we’re pretty much At Attention every where.
There are a few select places where we are At Ease,
And even fewer were we are At Rest.
At Attention means we stand perfectly straight,
Look forward,
And square all our corners.
We have to stay to the right of all the hallways,
Use only the outside stairwells,
And great upperclassmen by name.
(Not easy when there are over 200 we’re supposed to know)
When on the Terrazzo we have to run.
Not just run,
But run on the Marble strips.
And not just any Marble strips,
Only the most inconvenient ones.
We’re At rest only in Fairchild Hall (the classrooms) and our rooms.
Something like this.


  1. 0_o well... wow... that's, *blinks hard* YOU GOT AN EASY ONE!? I've never heard of them... wow...

    dude that is so cool =D

    (Yeah I know I made that comment with my superior knowledge of the military *roll eyes*)

  2. Sounds like a lot of work...
    Is it worth it?
    How soon can you get out?

  3. yeah,
    I heard it's tradition since the Army game is this weekend.
    I also heard that if we win,
    We get the rest of the week at rest.
    I'm not counting on that though.

    It'll be worth it once I'm done.
    I could get out any time I wanted.
    I can still outprocess,
    but I don't see the pint in that.
    Is that what you ment by get out?

  4. What is out processing? *confused*

  5. Out processing is also called "punching out"
    It's wen you quit for good.
    Like inprocessing was what we did when we got here,
    Outprocessing is what you do when you leave.
    Not going to happen hear

  6. Right, that makes sense... I guess quiting is a common word for that and I can't see you quiting..

  7. Now I get it (I had to read the translation into civilian-speak.) Sounds like the control change of the Academy was an improvement...

  8. It's only for a couple of days.
    It's not becasue of the new leadership.
    It's because we're playing Army this weekend.

  9. Hey, if the navy can beat them, then so can the falcons!!!

  10. Attention on Deck!

  11. *Snaps to attention*

    I think he means he's been their before.

  12. You eat at EASE?!? Wow. Tell me you know what a form O-96 is and you know the rest of Fast/Neat/Average...

  13. :-) Glad to see not everything has changed. Those 6 words have a lot of tradition at Camp USAFA.