Sunday, October 30, 2005

Snow Again

It started snowing ten minutes ago,
and it's already covering the ground.


  1. Wow, you are way lucky! I wish it would snow here. *pout*

  2. You think so?
    Word is that after Christams,
    The sun sets at 1630,
    And there's always snow.
    I don't mind it once in a while,
    But this early in the year?
    That's just insane.

  3. Hehehehe... Just be glad you don't have a driveway to shovel!

  4. Bet you have to do something about the snow somewhere on base LoL

    1630? Wow... that's really early. It's only setting at 1800 or 1830 here.

  5. Yes,
    You have to remember though,
    we're right next to a mountain.

  6. LoL true, I forgot that. Are you guys in a valley or just at the foot of on mountain (range)

  7. We are on the eastern slope of Rampart Range.

  8. hehehe. That means you get an early sunrise!

  9. No earlier than you ya'll.
    We're near the bottom pf the slope.

  10. yeah,
    they do,
    But I don't get to look at them very often.
    I'm at attention when running the strips.

  11. He's the Public relations division of the Air force, so he's saving the world by saving the air force from the masses of curious citizens.

    Or just goofing around in class...

  12. ROFL

    Yep, all those people trying to get information on the Airforce are just mobbing the place.... wait, that's right... they could just come here and find out all about it


  13. This is isn't supposed to be a blog about the Air Force.
    It's about me.
    So I don't have to E-Mail fifty people to tell them whats going on.
    (Though I wouldn't mind hearing from people. Life is kind of boring up here and I'd like to know what ya'll are up to.)
    I just happen to be in hte Air Force.
    I don't think there's anything important here in the way of operational info.

  14. rofl

    True, you never know who will drop out. Don't want them carrying dangerous information

    *shakes head*

  15. Well,
    It's not like anyone here know's anything you couldn't find on the web,
    So I don't think they're to worried about that.`

  16. sorry. The earthcanbemoved, not by the strength of the air, but by the strength of one mans mind!!!!

    That, Duck Tape and WD-40, and we are good to go!!!

  17. Hehehe...
    The blog isen't about the air force, but about your life. I guess they are so intertiwined, that they go together like clown fish and anenomies.