Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Noon Meal Formation

In case you haven't heard,
We march to just about every Noon Meal (Lunch).
This gets most annoying,
Because most of my squad "bounces" when they march.
When you walk normally,
Your head bobs up and down.
They also sway from side to side.
Being in Honor Guard has beaten this out of me.
So I don’t march like that anymore.
So I’m in the middle of this formation moving in a straight line while everything around me goes up and down,
Left and right,
In unison together.
This usually has the effect of making me sick be the middle of the march.
This is great right before lunch.
Maybe that’s why I haven’t been eating much.


  1. rofl sorry, I find that funny
    Then again I guess it just goes to show you what you've acheived *grin*

  2. Must be somemore of that air force humor...

    Close your eyes while you walk.

  3. Right,
    First of all it's marching.
    I have to stay in my postition.
    I can't do that with my eyes closed.

  4. Jason,
    Just wanted to let you know we are still praying for you. Thanks for doing what you do. Daniel is having to write a paper on jargons used by different career groups. He may take some of your lingo and use it in his paper. Little did you know how you were helping one of your alumni!

    Mrs. Rachel Sutton

  5. wow that is like bobbing up in down in wave pool i guess.

  6. yeah,
    except I'm not doing the bobbing.