Monday, October 31, 2005

IT's COLD!!!

IT's 27 degrees.
I'm freezing my tail off.


  1. Poor Jason...


    sorry but it's kinda hard to picture you sitting in front of a computer shivering because of the cold.

  2. 27? Ouch.
    Its getting cold here (though I mean "cold" according to the Texas definition of 60 degrees.)

  3. well,
    my room is the warmest o\in the squad.
    Every time someone comes in they say,
    "Wow, It's hot in here!"
    I have the thermostat set for 50.
    The thermometer says it's 90.
    But it doesn't feel that warm.
    That'll come in handy later when it really gets cold.

  4. My mom says this is good for your character

  5. LoL!

    50 huh? wow... that's desperate.

  6. Freezeing is good. Clears the sinuses...

    It builds character!
    Have any class mates from haw'ai or Arizona? They would be worse then you...

  7. yeah,
    There are a few from Hawaii.
    They seem to be doing fine though.

  8. LoL good old airforce teaching you guys to be flexible... next thing you know they'll send you out to the sahara in high summer

  9. Actually,
    Some guys got sent to Iraq.
    Fun Stuff.
    Hopefully I'll get to go through Jump school This Summer and go somewhere out of the country.

  10. That would be really cool! Gosh think of what you could do... *sigh*

  11. I wouldn't be on the front lines,
    They'd probably stick me in some support group.
    The wouldn't give me a gun and send me out,
    At least not until I graduate.

  12. More classes.

    Not much sightseeing allowed, I would think.

  13. No,
    It's supposed to allow me to experience the "real" Air Force.
    So I'll be doing something in the feild.

  14. oooh!!!! Flying planes is cool!

    Will you ever get to fly one of the HUGE C-130s, or are you just restriced to a fighter plane?

  15. Who cares, he'd still be flying!

  16. No, I won't be flying panes in the feild,
    I wish.
    And unfortunatly, I'm not restricted to fighters.
    I'll have to be the best at pilot training to get that slot.
    And the C-130 isn't exactly huge.
    Try the C-5 Galaxy.
    That thing can carry two tanks at once!
    The C-130 can carry a Hummer
    (H-1 of course)
    C-130 is a cool plane though.
    It's been in service for over fifty years and they're still making 'em.
    A very versital aircraft.
    I particularly like the Ac-130.
    That thing has a howitzer in it!

  17. hehehe... side mounted 50 cals.

    Can you fly the A-10 warthogs? Those are the coolest fighter planes. Ever.

  18. Ok...
    A-10s are not fighters.
    The alph-numeric designator "A" stands for Attck.

    They are cool aircraft though.
    They're the last ones that aren't fly-by-wire.
    They can also take and dish out an enormous beating.

    To bad their being retired.

  19. " Ok...
    A-10s are not fighters.
    The alph-numeric designator "A" stands for Attck."

    Just the same, they're used to fight!

    Wow... They can take that much damage, without using sophisticated technology.

    Did we ever sell any warthogs to another nation? I would hate to have our troops going against one of those.