Saturday, October 29, 2005

Commandant's Challenge Practice

Today was practice for Commandant’s Challenge.
Comm’s Challenge is a four day event that takes place just before we lweave for Thanksgiving break.
Yesterday was field day training.
That day will consist of running all over the base from station to station completing various tasks.

I signed up for Land Navigation, but they put me on the Chemical Warfare team.
Then they took me off of that and I wasn’t on a team.
Then I got put on the Wargaming Team.
Wargaming is play computer games.
I wasn’t to thrilled about that.
Yeah, it’ll be fun,
But where’s the challenge there?
I’d rather have a field job.

Today they asked for volunteers to go to training since not all of the teams were there.
I volunteered and got put on the Combat Search and Rescue team.
I was excited about that.
I did Search and Rescue back home with Civil Air Patrol.
The only difference here is that I’d be carrying and M-16.
In the end they switched me over to Chem Warfare again.
I wasn’t to disappointed with that.
It was better than sitting on my rear playing computer games.

This is about how training went.
First they bus us to CATM where the rifle team shoots while we do the sub-event.
Our sub-event was running a course while carrying water jugs and pallets.
Running in BDUs with boots is challenging enough. Carrying five gallons of water too?
Tough stuff.
All the stuff I do in Honor Guard made this all seem easy.
Are squad got the best time on record.

After that we ran two mile to the next event.
While the Combat Search and Rescue team went to do their event,
We all took a hundred question test on basic knowledge.
They’d show us a plane and ask us to give the crew, or manufacturer, or the weapons capacity.
They’d show us an Air Force Specialty Badge and ask us to name it.
Or an award and ask what it represented.
Fun stuff.

Then we ran another mile or so.
There the Tent Set Up team did their event while we did a PFT.
That consisted of Pullups, Situps, Pushups, and a 600 yard sprint.
I maxed the Pushups and Situps and did a few extra incase someone else couldn’t max.

Then we ran about a half mile to the Obstacle Course.
We had a team that ran that for time.
One of our guys ran the O-Course in 6:04.
That’s six minutes and four seconds.
The fastest anyone had heard of it being done was eight minutes.

Then we ran another half mile to Land Nav.
While that team was out in the woods finding their way,
We went to the finish point while trying to decrypt a cipher they had made.

From there we ran to Chem Warfare.
I don’t know what the sub-event was because I was in the main event.
I had never seen Chem suits before,
And they were timing us to see how long it took us to put them on.
I did well considering.

From there we ran back to CATM and got on the busses to go back to the Hill.


  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun Jason. Glad to hear it.

  2. yeah,
    I would much rather be in the feild than at a desk.
    This isn't the Chair Force

  3. Wargames...
    What do you play? America's Army?
    flight Simulator?

    Were you in an NBC suit?

  4. I bet it's Halo or Halo 2 *evil*

    I don't know the difference between Chemical suits can someone explain?

  5. We paly Empire Earth for Wargaming.
    I wish it was Halo 2.

    The Chem suits are just boots a mask and a suit that go over our Camos.

  6. oh, ok... kinda lame protection don't you think?

  7. Except they can soak through cloth...

    But I'll be the BDUs and mask are a lot lighter.

  8. Not this cloth.
    Regular BDUs are Chem resistant,
    But these suits are even more so,

  9. I don't know how,
    I just know they work.

  10. LoL

    I guess that works... though it's weird to find out you don't know something like that... I mean back in TX you knew everything and some =D

  11. Hey!!! Halo ain't evil!!!

    They are probably teflon coated or somethin...

  12. I didn't know everything,
    Just the stuff I talked about.
    I don't need to know how all my toys work.
    I just want to know that they work.

  13. LoL!!

    True, true...

    BTW I think you might like this music go to

    then there's a link that has his music hosted by someone J something... =D It's really cool

  14. *shock*
    You're not allowed to listen to music?
    How can you stand it Jason!
    *bang head on desk*
    I would DIE!!!

  15. Not until after Comm's Challenge.
    And word on the strips is that our new Superintendent doesn't want to give it to us then either.
    We just learn to life with it.

    West point Cadets already have a ton of privliges.

  16. Talk radio?
    I can give you a subscription to !!!
    2 hours of MP3 a day!

  17. T_T

    I'm so sorry Jason!
    Oh my gosh, never on earth could I live with that....

    Glen Beck is better

  18. It doesn't seem so bad compared to the other stuff we go through.

  19. you must have it really rough not just kinda

  20. It's not that bad.
    It's better than basic,
    That's for sure.

    Word is our new superintendent.
    Want's to put things back the way they were back when he went through.
    Much tougher than now.
    Bring it on...

  21. All I can say is what you're going through now is a breeze compared to what it was 8 years ago. The jury's still out on whether that's a good thing or a bad thing. I never really liked the 4th class system, but I truly believe it bred better pilots. I guess we'll see in a few years when the classes that endured limited time in it gets to pilot training. 8 years... Hard to believe it's been that long since I was a SMACK. Btw, you may want to be careful what you post here. This blog may be a PA nightmare waiting for happen. Remember, the 1st Amendment doesn't necessarily apply to you. :-)

  22. Yeah,
    I know it was harder back in the day.
    I think we need a good mix of hard and professional.
    There's no hard any more.
    At least not what I was expecting.

    I hear ya on the PA.
    Every thing that goes on here is usually in the paper anyway.
    There is a good amount of stuff I'd like to talk about,
    But I know I can't.